The Hindu Editorial With Vocabulary ( 26 Dec 2017 ) : Another fodder jolt: on Lalu Prasad’s conviction

The Hindu Editorial With Vocabulary,

  • zzzTwenty years on, the Bihar fodder scam is still hounding Rashtriya Janata Dal leader Lalu Prasad. In 1997, he had to resign as Chief Minister after being charged with involvement in a conspiracy to fraudulently withdraw money from the treasury to pay non-existent suppliers of livestock feed. In 2013, he was sentenced to a five-year prison term in a case relating to the withdrawal of ₹37 crore from the Chaibasa district treasury.
  • He remains disqualified from electoral contest as a result of that conviction, although he was granted bail by the Supreme Court in December 2013. His conviction on Saturday by a Central Bureau of Investigation court relates to withdrawals worth ₹84.50 lakh between 1994 and 1996 from the Deogarh treasury. As it has been established even in earlier trials that a large-scale scam had taken place in the name of purchasing fodder for cattle, any more convictions in one or more of the many cases spread across Bihar and Jharkhand will come as no surprise. Mr. Prasad had failed to convince the Supreme Court earlier this year that repeatedly trying him in respect of the treasury withdrawals in different districts violated his constitutional protection against double jeopardy. The court has ruled that different transactions ought to be established independently, even if the acts of embezzlement arose out of an overarching conspiracy. As Mr. Prasad awaits his sentence, which will be known on January 3, he is already in jail, along with 15 others. Instead of one, he now has two convictions against his name. He has to wait until a higher court exonerates him in both before he can regain eligibility to contest elections.
  • Mr. Prasad’s political fortunes have been fluctuating. He could take credit for the victory of the grand alliance of the RJD, the Janata Dal (United) and the Congress in the November 2015 Assembly election in Bihar, but that unity was short-lived. It was an allegation that went back to Mr. Prasad’s days as Railway Minister that ruptured the ties between his party and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of the JD(U). Mr. Prasad and his family members were named in a First Information Report filed by the CBI that claimed that his wife Rabri Devi and son Tejaswi Yadav received a prime piece of property in Patna as a quid pro quo for a contract to develop and run two railway hotels. With Tejaswi Yadav refusing to resign as Deputy Chief Minister, Mr. Kumar quickly switched over to the BJP-led camp, to govern without the RJD’s support. This meant that Mr. Prasad’s influence as the leader of an 80-member legislature party was not as game-changing as it had appeared to be when the Mahagathbandhan was formed as an anti-Bharatiya Janata Party front in 2014. It may be too early to write off Mr. Prasad, who is perceived by some sections as a bulwark against communalism, but as the ghosts of the murky past return, his immediate political future looks bleaker. This jolt may not send him to political oblivion yet, but it may be one from which he will not recover easily.


Hound: harass, persecute, or pursue relentlessly.
Example: A tenacious attorney general who had hounded Jimmy Hoffa and other labor bosses
Synonyms: pursue, chase, follow, shadow, be hot on someone’s heels

Conspiracy: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
Example: A conspiracy to destroy the government
Synonyms: plot, scheme, plan, machination, ploy, trick, ruse, subterfuge

Fraudulent: obtained, done by, or involving deception, especially criminal deception.
Example: The fraudulent copying of American software

Treasury: the funds or revenue of a government, corporation, or institution.
Example: The country’s pledge not to spend more than it has in its treasury
Synonyms: coffers, purse, finance department, bank, revenues, finances

Conviction: a firmly held belief or opinion.
Example: His conviction that the death was no accident
Synonyms: belief, opinion, view, thought, persuasion, idea, position

Violate: break or fail to comply with a rule or formal agreement.
Example: They violated the terms of a ceasefire
Synonyms: contravene, breach, infringe, break, transgress, overstep

Embezzlement: theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer.
Example: Charges of fraud and embezzlement
Synonyms: misappropriation, theft, stealing, robbery, thieving, pilfering, purloining

Regain: obtain possession or use of something again after losing it.
Example: She died without regaining consciousness
Synonyms: recover, get back, win back, recoup, retrieve, reclaim

Fluctuate: rise and fall irregularly in number or amount.
Example: Trade with other countries tends to fluctuate from year to year
Synonyms: vary, change, differ, shift, alter, waver, swing, oscillate, alternate

Perceive: become aware or conscious of something.
Example: His mouth fell open as he perceived the truth
Synonyms: discern, recognize, become aware of, see, distinguish, realize, grasp

Jolt: an abrupt rough or violent movement.
Example: Any movement shot jolts of electricity to my toes, curling them in pain.
Synonyms: bump, bounce, shake, jerk, lurch; start, jerk, jump

Oblivion: the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening.
Example: They drank themselves into oblivion
Synonyms: unconsciousness, insensibility, stupefaction, senselessness

Bulwark: a defensive wall.
Example: Fifth Corps moved toward the San Juan Heights, the principal bulwark in the first of three defensive lines around the city.
Synonyms: wall, rampart, fortification, parapet, stockade, palisade, barricade