Daily Vocabulary ( 28 Sep 2017 ) : Words

Synonyms: bracing, exhilarating
Antonyms: boring, dull
Example Sentence:  There is nothing like an invigorating shower after a long day at work.

2. EVADE (VERB):avoid
Synonyms: bypass, circumvent
Antonyms: confront, encounter
Example Sentence: You can’t evade your duties

Synonyms: amassed, assorted
Antonyms: similar, unvaried
Example Sentence: The conglomerate views its collection of profitable shops.

4.CONSOLIDATION (NOUN):combination
Synonyms: merger, unification
Antonyms: dispersal, separation
Example Sentence:  The growth of railways has been accompanied by the consolidation of small independent ventures into large groups.

5. BUFFET (VERB): hit repeatedly
Synonyms: batter, clobber
Antonyms: pull, surrender
Example Sentence:  She was buffeted by her best friend.