Daily Vocabulary ( 30 oct 2017 ) : Words

Synonyms: onrush, invasion
Antonyms: retreat, defense
Example Sentence: The party suddenly made an onslaught on him.

Synonyms: bumptious, obnoxious
Antonyms: humble, modest
Example Sentence: I don’t know why but most of the times I find him the most cocksure fellow.

Synonyms: rocky, rugged
Antonyms: whole, individual
Example Sentence: It was a craggy surface.

4.HUNK (NOUN):lump
Synonyms: block, glob
Antonyms: accept, allow
Example Sentence: bThe hunk of blood was there.

5. PRIGGISH (ADJECTIVE):complacent
Synonyms: smug, satisfied
Antonyms: discontended, dissatisfied
Example Sentence: I got to meet a priggish person in the train.