Daily Vocabulary ( 26 Sep 2017 ) : 5 Words

1.FREAK (NOUN):aberration
Synonyms: anomaly, oddity
Antonyms: conformity, normality
Example Sentence:  The teacher says the accident was a total freak.

2.DISCOURSE (NOUN):communication
Synonyms: dialogue, conversation
Antonyms: quiet, silence
Example Sentence:  This is the language of political discourse.

3.GALLANT (ADJECTIVE):courageous
Synonyms: brave, fearless
Antonyms: afraid, fearful
Example Sentence: She is a gallant lady.

Synonyms: congenial, cordial
Antonyms: surly, irritable
Example Sentence:  Harika is a gracious hostess.

5.GLIB (ADJECTIVE): artful
Synonyms: articulate, eloquent
Antonyms: awkward, silent
Example Sentence:  The glib phrases soon roll off the tongue.