Daily Vocabulary ( 25 oct 2017 ) : Words

1.FERRET (VERB):to uproot
Synonyms: beat, break
Antonyms: cover, dirty
Example Sentence:  We are trying to ferret out missing details.

2.TOUCHSTONE (NOUN):criterion
Synonyms: barometer, benchmark
Antonyms: lawlessness, guess
Example Sentence: We were testing them against their very own touchstone of truth.

3.AFFRONT (NOUN):to insult
Synonyms: offence, humiliation
Antonyms: respect, appeasement
Example Sentence: He regarded my work as an affront to my dignity.

4.ENMITY (NOUN):hostility
Synonyms: friction, animus
Antonyms: approval, sympathy
Example Sentence:  My colleague feels enmity towards me. 

5.DISSENT (NOUN):disagreement
Synonyms: objection, variance
Antonyms: acceptance, concurrence
Example Sentence:  These voices of dissent grew louder against the master.