Daily Vocabulary ( 21 Sep 2017 ) : 5 Words

Synonyms: grouchy, surly
Antonyms: easygoing, happy
Example Sentence:   His dog is irascible and has to be kept on a leash at all times.

2. WASPISH (ADJECTIVE): cantankerous
Synonyms: crabby, crotchety
Antonyms: good-natured, cheerful
Example Sentence: By nature, bulls are waspish animals that prefer to be left alone.

3. FORLORN (ADJECTIVE): depressed
Synonyms: desolate, miserable
Antonyms: joyful, elated
Example Sentence: Since Amish works so much, he does not realize his wife is forlorn because she rarely gets to spend time with him.

Synonyms: invaluable, precious
Antonyms: cheap, idolized
Example Sentence: I will continue to see the therapist because her stress management tips have proven inestimable to me.

Synonyms: incarnate, personalize
Antonyms: detach, alienate
Example Sentence: The observers were able to internalize the happiness released from the event.