Daily Vocabulary ( 21 Nov 2017 ) : Words

1. ADJUDICATE (VERB): formally judge
Synonyms: adjudge, mediate
Antonyms: dodge, defer
Example Sentence: He was adjudicated by the top judge.

2. IMMINENT (ADJECTIVE): on the way
Synonyms: impending, looming
Antonyms: distant, escapable
Example Sentence: There are a few imminent threats that we face.

3. EXPEDITE (VERB): make happen faster
Synonyms: hasten, quicken
Antonyms: hinder, retard
Example Sentence: We must expedite the process of healing.

4. INCURSION (NOUN): invasion
Synonyms: aggression, infiltration
Antonyms: retreat, regroup
Example Sentence: Their incursions were extremely barbarous.

5. TRANSGRESSION (NOUN): bad behavior
Synonyms: infraction, infringement
Antonyms: submission, obedience
Example Sentence: His transgression is the cause of his neglect.


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