Daily Vocabulary ( 17 Sep 2017 ) : 5 Words

1. HYPOCRITE (NOUN): person who pretends, is deceitful
Synonyms: charlatan, trickster
Antonyms: true, genuine
Example Sentence:  His friend wrongly said that he was a hypocrite.

2. HEARSAY (NOUN): unsubstantiated information
Synonyms: rumors, grapevine
Antonyms: reality, truth
Example Sentence:  One should not believe in hearsay.

3.TEEM (VERB): Overflow
Synonyms: overrun, full
Antonyms: lack, need
Example Sentence:  The sagas teem with references to the inhabitants.

4.VARNISH (VERB): add a layer to; embellish
Synonyms: lacquer, cover
Antonyms: uncover, reveal
Example Sentence:  The painter varnished the doors. 

5. COY (ADJECTIVE): bashful
Synonyms: skittish, timid
Antonyms: aggressive, forward
Example Sentence:  Saloni gave him a coy smile.