Daily Vocabulary ( 17 Nov 2017 ) : Words

1. DISCLOSE (VERB): To make known (something private or secret).
Synonyms: divulge, expose
Antonyms: cover, hide
Example Sentence: Then bending again to Raoul, he whispered: “Above all things do not diclose your name.

2. SMIRK (VERB): smile coyly
Synonyms: sneer, simper
Antonyms: frown, cry
Example Sentence: “I hope I see you well, Miss Florence,” she smirked.

3. AMBULATORY (ADJECTIVE): recovering from illness
Synonyms: ambulatory, healing Antonym: regressing, deteriorating
Example Sentence: I treated him as an ambulatory person, not as a sick man.

4. COMPREHEND (VERB): understand
Synonyms: comprehend, fathom
Antonyms: neglect, ignore
Example Sentence: It is hard to comprehend the pain felt at the death of a child.

Synonyms: incoherent, ambiguous
Antonyms: clear, unambiguous
Example Sentence: He made a blurred sketch at the back of his book.


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