Daily Vocabulary (16 sep 2017) : 5 Words

1. FOUL (ADJECTIVE): Highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust.
Synonyms: bad, rotten
Antonyms: fair, good
Example Sentence:
From where this foul smell is coming?

2. DELINEATE (VERB): describe; outline
Synonyms: define, depict
Antonyms: distort, confuse
Example Sentence:
It is very difficult to delineate this chapter in few words.

3. ABSURD (ADJECTIVE): Inconsistent with reason, logic or common sense.
Synonyms: idiotic, illogical
Antonyms: logical, sensible
Example Sentence:
What an absurd idea!.

4. IRATE (ADJECTIVE): extremely Angry.
Synonyms: furious, angered
Antonyms: calm, quiet.
Example Sentence:
The irate customer is still shouting.

5. UBER (ADJECTIVE): super, extreme or outstanding.
Synonyms: magnificent, extraordinary
Antonyms: worthless, useless
Example Sentence:
Its an uber ride