Daily Vocabulary ( 14 Sep 2017 ) : 5 Words

1. INSTIL (VERB): inject
Synonyms: infuse, implant
Antonyms: eradicate, extract
Example Sentence:  The instructor tried to instil fear in the students.

2. ENCROACH (VERB): violate
Synonyms: trespass, infringe
Antonyms: shun, abide
Example Sentence:  As the forests continue to be destroyed for development, bears have no choice but to encroach into residential areas.

3. EVASION (NOUN): avoidance
Synonyms: evasiveness, obliqueness
Antonyms: directness, frankness
Example Sentence:  She is in the habit of making evasion from every situation.

4. PERSECUTE (VERB): harass
Synonyms: torment, domineer
Antonyms: comfort, console
Example Sentence:  The major kept on persecuting the soldiers.

Synonyms: enormous, immense
Antonyms: small, slight
Example Sentence:  A gigantic lily grows at a height of 20 feet’s.