Daily Vocabulary ( 11 oct 2017 ) : Words

1.HUMANE (ADJECTIVE):humanitarian
Synonyms: unselfish, philanthropic
Antonyms: uncharitable, selfish
Example Sentence: His altruistic habits worry his wife.

Synonyms: affianced, committed
Antonyms: single, unattached
Example Sentence: The betrothed couple was given blessings.

3.FROLICSOME (ADJECTIVE):full of spirit
Synonyms: lively, romping
Antonyms: depressed, down
Example Sentence: Siddharth is actually a frolicsome man.

4.CHICANERY (NOUN):deception
Synonyms: fraud, machination
Antonyms: forthrightness, truthfulness.
Example Sentence: You can smell the chicanery from his character very easily.

5. BRASH (ADJECTIVE): arrogant
Synonyms: cavalier, conceited
Antonyms: modest, unassuming
Example Sentence: My boss’s son is extremely brash.