Daily Vocabulary ( 10 oct 2017 ) : Words

1. QUANDARY (NOUN): Difficult situation
Synonyms: predicament, dilemma
Antonyms: good fortune, boon
Example Sentence: He has been trapped in quandary.

2. ENDEAR (VERB): Attract attention
Synonyms: captivate, cherish
Antonyms: dislike, hate
Example Sentence: She tried to endear everyone.

3. DISSEMINATE (VERB): distribute
Synonyms: advertise, circulate
Antonyms: hide, conceal
Example Sentence: It took years to disseminate information about Aids.

Synonyms: charm, magic
Antonyms: reality, actuality
Example Sentence: The sorcerer knows an incantation to raise the dead.

5. HAGGLE (VERB): Argue
Synonyms: bicker, dispute
Antonyms: agree, comply
Example Sentence: Do not haggle with me.


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