Daily Vocabulary ( 09 Nov 2017 ) : Words

1.PONTIFICATE (VERB):sermonize
Synonyms: admonish, dogmatize
Antonyms: praise, applaud
Example Sentence: He loves to hear himself talk and will often pontificate on even the most trivial issues.

2.BROMIDE(NOUN): platitude
Synonyms: cliché , banality
Antonyms: coinage, original saying
Example Sentence: Years of coal mining and natural gas extraction have elevated the concentration of
bromides in the river.

3.DISTEMPER(NOUN): disorder
Synonyms: affliction, ailment
Antonyms: health, healerExample Sentence:
Excessive distemper should not be practiced.

Synonyms: chime, jingle
Antonyms: silence, peace
Example Sentence: The tintinnabulation that could be heard throughout the village was from the church on the common announcing morning services.

Synonyms: northward, arctic
Antonyms: southward, Antarctic
Example Sentence: When he tired of the long, septentrional winters of New England, Grandfather retired to