Daily Vocabulary ( 05 Sep 2017 ) : 5 Words

1. LARCENY (NOUN): theft
Synonyms: stealing, robbery
Antonyms: pay, reimbursement
Example Sentence: He was arrested because of grand larceny charges.

2. LARGESS (NOUN): generosity
Synonyms: magnanimity, altruistic
Antonyms: greediness, meanness
Example Sentence: Largess is an absolute quality of a nobleman.

Synonyms: secret, concealed
Antonyms: developed, expressed
Example Sentence: Advertisements attempt to project a latent meaning behind an overtmessage.

4. LIMPID (ADJECTIVE): understandable
Synonyms: clear, unambiguous
Antonyms: incomprehensible, obscure
Example Sentence: The speech was a model of its kind – limpid and unaffected.

5. LITHE (ADJECTIVE): nimble
Synonyms: supple, agil
Antonyms: clumsy, rigid
Example Sentence: His walk was lithe and graceful


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