Daily Vocabulary ( 05 oct 2017 ) : Words

Synonyms: filthy, messy
Antonyms: clean, spotless
Example Sentence:   Don’t touch this paper with grubby hands.

Synonyms: dolorific, mournful
Antonyms: cheery, hopeful
Example Sentence:  Why are you living such a dolorous life?

3. NEXUS(NOUN): link
Synonyms:  bond, connection
Antonyms: interruption, exteriority
Example Sentence:  There is always a nexus between politicians and police.

4.DERIDE(VERB): mock
Synonyms: scoff, ridicule
Antonyms:  praise, commend
Example Sentence:  He was derided by his colleague for his foolish project.

5. CACHET (NOUN):  distinctive and stylish elegance
Synonyms: prestige, stature
Antonyms: common, usual
Example Sentence:  Amazon has the marketing power and cachet to provide that demo.