Daily Vocabulary ( 03 Sep 2017 ) : Words

1.KEN (NOUN): perception
Synonyms: acumen, awareness
Antonyms: blindness, ignorance
Example Sentence:   Due to the ken of my poor health, the doctor advised me to eat healthier foods and exercise more.

2.LAMBASTE (VERB): punish, beat
Synonyms: assail, berate
Antonyms: compliment, praise
Example Sentence:  The government was severely lambasted by the opposition.

3.IMPUTE (VERB): attribute
Synonyms: ascribe, accredit
Antonyms: exculpate, exonerate
Example Sentence: Rather than impute his brother, he will accept blame for a crime he did not commit.

4.LAMENT (VERB): to mourn or grieve deeply
Synonyms: bemoan, deplore
Antonyms: relieve, celebrate
Example Sentence: I lament for those who believe drinking is beneficial.

5.LUCRE (NOUN): money, profits
Synonyms: capital, cash
Antonyms: bills, debt
Example Sentence:  Gangsters searched the house for hidden lucre but found nothing.