Daily Vocabulary ( 03 Sep 2017 ) : 5 Words

1. VENGEANCE (NOUN): revenge
Synonyms: reprisal, requital
Antonym: forgiveness, pardon
Example Sentence: She wanted vengeance for the loss of her daughter.

2. BESEECH (VERB): beg earnestly
Synonyms: implore, adjure
Antonyms: command, reply
Example Sentence: I beseech you, “don’t punish him.”

3. CHAFE (VERB): be angry
Synonyms: irritate, abrade
Antonyms: aid, placate
Example Sentence: He chafed at having to take orders from someone else.

4. PUNY (ADJECTIVE): small and weak
Synonyms: inconsequential, diminutive
Antonyms: giant, strong
Example sentence: What can we expect from a puny child?

5. CONJECTURE (NOUN): guesswork
Synonyms: speculation, hunch
Antonyms: certainty, reality
Example Sentence: He made several conjectures about where his son might be.


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