Daily Vocabulary ( 02 Sep 2017 ) : 5 Words

1. TRUCE (NOUN): peaceful solution
Synonyms: armistice, accord
Antonyms: disagreement, fight
Example Sentence: The fighting has given way to an uneasy truce.

2. ELOQUENT (ADJECTIVE): to speak beautifully or express clearly
Synonyms: effective, articulate
Antonyms: introverted, inarticulate
Example sentence: According to me, Mr. Jha is an eloquent spokesman who leads his team simply with his words.

3. QUEASY (ADJECTIVE): not feeling well
Synonyms: sick, ill
Antonym: comfortable, healthy
Example Sentence: He didn’t want to do any work because he felt queasy.

Synonyms: somber, gloomy
Antonyms: cheerful, happy
Example Sentence: I am absolutely livid about it.

5. SERVITUDE (NOUN): slavery
Synonyms: bondage, serfdom
Antonyms: mastery, boss
Example Sentence: Their lives were spent in servitude.

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