Daily One Liner : 15 Questions : (23 sep 2017)

1. Name the former Maharashtra Chief Minister who resigned from Congress recently.
a) Narayan Rane
b) Nilesh Mishra
c) Sidharth Jain
d) Tushar Gaekwad

2. US President Donald Trump recently signed a new order to boosts sanctions against which country for its nuclear programmes?
a) Iran
b) Vietnam
c) Iraq
d) North Korea

3. Which e-commerce site recently launched the fashion label MEIA?
a) Myntra
b) ShopClues
c) Ajio
d) Tata Cliq

4. A 500 kg World War II bomb was unearthed recently at which place?
a) Italy
b) Japan
c) Russia
d) Vienna

5. A team of archaeologists have recently discovered 19 Neolithic tombs in which country?
a) Japan
b) Egypt
c) China
d) India

6. A campaign named ‘MaaKasam, Hindustan Swachh Rakhenge Hum’ was recently started by which Hindi daily?
a) Navbharat Times
b) Jansatta
c) Hindustan
d) Punjab Kesari

7. A new campus of Indian Aviation Academy was recently inaugurated in which of the following cities?
a) Mumbai
b) New Delhi
c) Nagpur
d) Chandigarh

8. As announced by the Union Ministry of Water Resources recently, water storage level of 91 major reservoirs of India went up by how many percent?
a) 2 per cent
b) 1.5 per cent
c) 0.5 percent
d) 3 per cent

9. Which submarine, first of the six Scorpene-class submarines, has been delivered to the Indian Navy and will be commissioned soon?
a) INS Viraat
b) INS Kalvari
c) INS Khanderi
d) INS Karanj

10. The Centre plans to use floating B4 boat labs to study which river?
a) Ganga
b) Brahmaputra
c) Yamuna
d) Narmada

11. ONGC has discovered traced of oil in which water body?
a) Arabian Sea
b) Bay of Bengal
c) Indian Ocean
d) Sea of Japan

12. The joint military exercise ‘Iron Union 5’ will start between United States and which country?
a) India
b) Japan
c) South Korea
d) UAE

13. Who has been appointed as new Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan?
a) Satish Chandra
b) Sharat Sabharwal
c) Ajay Bisaria
d) Gautam Bambawale
14. Which of the following movies will be India’s official entry to the Best Foreign Film category at the Oscars?
a) Newton
b) Toilet: Ek Prem Katha
c) Poorna
d) None of the above

15. In how many days, cyclist Mark Beaumont pedalled around the world to break the Guinness World Record?
a) 78 days
b) 25 days
c) 101 days
d) 84 days


1.(a) Narayan Rane
2.(d) North Korea
3.(b) ShopClues
4.(d) Vienna
5.(c) China
6.(c) Hindustan
7.(b) New Delhi
8.(a) 2 per cent
9.(b) INS Kalvari
10.(b) Brahmaputra
11.(a) Arabian Sea
12.(d) UAE
13.(c) Ajay Bisaria
14.(a) Newton
15.(a) 78 days