Daily One Liner : 15 Questions : (10 Nov 2017)

• 2nd edition of India International Cherry Blossom festival began in – Meghalaya

• Actress awarded with the Israel’s 2018 Genesis Prize – Natalie Portman

• This state became the first to use EVMs with VVPAT machines on all booths during assembly elections – Himachal Pradesh

• Rank obtained by India in Business Optimism Ranking recently – 7th

• This company launched the Grahak Sadak Koyla Vitaran App – Coal India Limited

• Indian astronomers recently obtained ( DailyGKZone ) the X-ray polarization measurements of the Crab pulsar using – AstroSat telescope

• This country will host the Organic World Congress (OWC) 2017 – India

• This country has signed an agreement worth $37 billion to buy 300 Boeing planes – China

• A new heat source has been discovered under this part of the world – West Antarctica

• He has won the men’s singles event at the 82nd Senior National Championship – HS Prannoy

• This nation has launched a earth observation satellite – Morocco

• She has won the women’s singles event at the 82nd Senior National Championship – Saina Nehwal

• This social media giant has brought disaster response tools to India – Facebook

• This Indian has been honoured with the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2017’ – Maya Swaminathan Sinha

• NASA reported that the hole in the Ozone layer ( DailyGKZone ) has been the smallest this year since 30 years. The whole is formed over this continent – Antarctica



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