Daily One Liner : 15 Questions : (04 oct 2017)

• Theme of 2017 World Tourism Day – Sustainable tourism – a tool for development

• Person appointed as Chairman of World Gold Council – David Harquail

• Port renamed as Deendayal Port – Kandla Port

• Winner of 2017 SASTRA Ramanujan Prize – Maryna Viazovska

• Maharashtra State government signed an agreement for infrastructure projects with – South Korea

• The Union Cabinet has approved the signing of a MoU in the oil and gas sector between India and this nation – Belarus

• The Union Cabinet has approved the signing of an agreement on cooperation in the field of Information, Communication and Media between India and this nation – Ethiopia

• The World Maritime Day 2017 was observed globally with this theme – Connecting Ships, Ports and People

• This governmental body celebrated its 13th Formation Day on 28 September 2017 – National Disaster Management Authority

• This day is celebrated across the world on 28 September – World Maritime Day

• Scientists announced that they have detected a fourth gravitational wave signal coming from the merger of two black holes. It is the first time that this phenomenon has been measured simultaneously by – LIGO and Virgo detectors

• An anti-doping laboratory of Chatenay-Malabry was recently suspended by the World Anti-Doping Agency. The laboratory is situated in – France

• The theme of 2017 World Rabies Day is – Rabies: Zero By 30

• The system that was recently launched to simplify the Warehouse Registration Rules in New Delhi is – Electronic Negotiable Warehouse Receipt System

• A new species of non-venomous aquatic snake named Aquatic Rhabdops, which was misidentified since 1863, was recently identified and described as new species in – Western Ghats


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