Daily Vocabulary ( 22 Sep 2017 ) : 5 Words

Synonyms: initiate, launch
Antonyms: end, finish
Example Sentence:  He spearheaded the meeting well.


Synonyms: obligation, precondition
Antonyms: request, implication
Example Sentence:  I shall do it only on one stipulation.


Synonyms: insatiable, prodigious
Antonyms: satisfied, quenched
Example Sentence:  I replied to his voracious questions.


4. PAGEANT(NOUN): show
Synonyms: extravaganza, parade
Antonyms: hiding, disguise
Example Sentence:
I enjoyed that pageant.


5. EMANCIPATE(VERB): release
Synonyms: discharge, liberate
Antonyms: confine, hold
Example Sentence:  I emancipated him for good